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Best Gift Baskets This Year

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While gift baskets are fun to give and receive year round, come Thanksgiving and Christmas and the demand quadruples, which is quite understandable because, hello, perfect gift giving season is here!

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Let’s take a look at what we feel is the best basket in various categories. Hopefully this will help you with a gift idea or two:

1. Best Overall – Harry & David

There is a basket for everyone at Harry & David’s, no matter how picky they are. All gifts are food based and feature arrangements for many categories – sympathy, birthday, anniversary, get better, and Christmas. The company is very famous for their signature pears and cherries from their own farm, but you can also select decadent Moose Munch, chocolate truffles, and much more.

2. Best for foodies – Mouth

If you think your loved one might enjoy unusual snacks and local treats, this is a place to go to. Innovative gifts come in one-time only boxes, or can be subscribed. The names say it all:

  • • Birthday in a box
  • • Tasty thank you
  • • Pickle of the month club
  • • Indie states of America for different regional delights
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3. Classic – Gourmet Gift Baskets

There is absolutely nothing wrong with tasty popcorn, fruit, and sweets as a classic gift. The company is a good one stop shop for people with various tastes and preferences, where you can find a beer basket and a meat and cheese arrangement side by side.

4. Best packaging – Gift Tree

This gift basket is going straight for the wow effect with its contents. You can make somebody happy with wine, fruit, flowers, and snack assortment or order a nice selection of non-food items. One of the best options from Gift Tree is their natural spa basket for all the beauty needs.

Gift Basket with Wine

5. Best hostess – Stonewall Kitchen

If you want to thank somebody for a weekend well spent at their house, you won’t go wrong with this one! The company is based in New England and makes amazing pancake mixes, jams, syrups, and everything else you might need for a nice breakfast with The Morning Favorites basket. If you don’t want to overwhelm them with breakfast supplies, consider grilling, salsa, or bloody mary themes.

6. Best fruit basket – The Fruit Company Simply

Fruit is always good; you can’t deny health benefits and the beautiful look of colorful fruit in a basket. The baskets can be exotic, seasonal, or mixed fruit, whatever floats your boat or that of your recipient’s. One basket we would definitely recommend is The Harvest Club, because it features a subscription to seasonal fruit, giving you the best tasting everything.

Americana Monthly Fruit Club has classic options, while Exotica Monthly Fruit Club includes such delicacies as kiwi and pomegranate, so you will definitely find something tasty for every taste.

7. Local favorites – Goldbelly

If you know somebody who is missing particular treats that are not available somewhere else, gift him with Goldbelly. You can find such local favorites as New York’s Magnolia Bakery banana pudding or Chicago deep dish pizza. Make sure you eat before searching as all the options can make you extra hungry.

Gift Baskets for All Occasions

8. Best Ice Cream – Jeni’s

Ice cream is good any time of the year, and you can send various flavors as a perfect gift. The desserts come right to the recipient’s door and include plenty of unusual flavors like brambleberry crisp or salty caramel pie. If he or she doesn’t use dairy, there are options too.

You can pick individual pints or order a pint club subscription, which is 4 pints per year.

9. Best baked goods – Milk Bar

You don’t have to live next to the bakery to enjoy their famous birthday cake flavored treats or Milk Bar pie, because they ship to wherever you or your loved ones live. Beautiful package in a gift box makes it very special. You can also order cake mixes for home bakers.

Baked Gift Basket

10. Olive and Cocoa

This one is for making somebody feel very special. All gifts come in wooden crates and range from edible treats to fashion accessories and even flowers. Some gift crates are designed for major holidays and all are beautifully wrapped.

11. Custom – Knack

This option is perfect for those of us who know exactly what our recipient likes and want to create something very personal. You can find gifts for men, women, college students, or filter them by occasion and interest. There are also expert-selected and most popular gift baskets if you don’t feel like making one from scratch. Everything is beautifully wrapped and packaged.

Christmas Candles

12. Jasper Hill Farm

Jasper Hill is a dairy farm in Vermont and that alone sounds very romantic. The farm offers gourmet cheese baskets for the ultimate cheese lover. Our pick is The Vermonter Basket, which includes three cheeses – Welsh-style cheddar Landaff, soft-ripened Harbison, and Alpine-inspired Alpha Tolman. You can also order crackers and roasted nuts to go with all the cheeses.

Who know how give, he knows how to live. (French saying)

Man With Gifts

Gift candles are an original home decoration that can be presented to almost anyone. Starting from a loved one and ending with a boss or business partner. Fire captivates our eyes, creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. Therefore, they can be an independent gift, or a wonderful addition to the main one - for a wedding, anniversary, birthday.

Candle Gift Basket